Today, there are many activities which will need the help from computer for finishing some works. Here, computer has given many eases to those who use it. The problem in computer will surely make our works get disturbed. One of the most common problems which we face is the computer freezing. There are many causes too for the damage which causes the computer freezes. Computer freezing itself happens when the computer does not respond to any command which is given and the screen is not accessible for clicking any command dialog or other kinds of action. In this occasion, we will find out the tips for repairing computer which freezes.

Tips and Tricks

The Causes of Computer Freezing
The causes of computer freezing May varied from many perspectives. First, the computer freezing may happen because of any issue in the hardware or any software. In the hardware, the most common causes which make this computer freezing is the incompatibility of power required in the hardware. Different hardware will require different necessity of power to run it so when there is no compatibility, the computer will not work. Sometimes, it also may happen because there is too much heat which is produced by the new hardware.

In the second cause, the software issue may happen too in this occasion because there are some conflicts in a driver. Some hardware will need its own driver to fully functional. Installing driver may give more function but sometimes, it will cause some major crash in the system which comes in conflict. For that reason, when such thing happens, you actually should know how to deal with that problem because that problem can be solved by yourself. Now, here, for solving that problem, you can follow the tips for repairing computer which will be mentioned below so you can handle it by yourself.

Resting the Computer
The first tips in repairing computer freezing are resting the computer and let it cool. Here, the cause of freezing may due to overheating or the computer gets a low memory for processing caused by any cache and many trace data which come to junk in the memory. In this kind of occasion, you will need to shut your computer down and then unplugging the battery or electricity source from the computer. Then, you push the power button and hold it for about 30 seconds. This action will perform hardware reset and clear some memory in the hardware.

When your computer comes in a really high heat or we often call it as overheating, you need to let your computer cool down. Waiting for the computer to cool is not enough because if you do not do something, it will happen over and over again. For solving that problem with tips for repairing computer, you can do it by cleaning some dust inside the computer and then you can check whether some fans are still work well or not. Fan is the key for maintaining a safe condition in the computer so you need to get it work well.

In the process of installing some hardware, you should also can do it wisely. Placements of hardware randomly can affect the performance of the hardware itself. In the tips for fixing computer, you should not place a two hard drives separately when the hard drive which is installed is up to two hard drives. Installing it next to each other will create a contact which can trigger heat failure. Then, you should often clean the fan for acquiring better performance.

Diagnosing Problem with Diagnostics
Some great computer has been developed with a really nice feature for finding out the condition of computer. Here, the feature is called as diagnostic. Not all computer comes with this feature but among brands, most brands which provide this feature in their product is the HP/Compaq or Dell. To access this menu, you need to shut down your computer and then turn it on again. On the startup, for HP, you can push the F2 button where in Dell, you can push the F12 button. In the diagnostics program, you will find an error code and you can find the solution in the internet.

Inspecting Device Drivers
The next tips for repairing computer will deal with device driver. Your computer will actually perform a windows update when the time of new update has come. In this condition, some errors sometimes may happen and it is caused by wrong compatibility of new driver which is downloaded. The driver may be incorrect in the process of downloading so freezing will happen in your computer. To solve this problem, you need to check the status of the driver in device manager. When there is a yellow exclamation in the device, it means that the device gets some error. You can either unplug the device or restore the computer to previous configuration for solving it.

Defragmented Hard Disk
When we install and put many data in our hard disk, we will surely get some problems later. Moreover when you often delete and add new files in the hard disk which will result in a fragmented hard disk. Fragmented hard disk can cause this freezing. The fragmented disk makes the processor work harder to process and it also sometimes provides you with really slow performance. Tricks for repairing computer to deal with this condition are to get some application for defragmenting your hard disk.

Erasing Virus
The next causes which often make us face the computer freezing is the virus in our computer. Virus slows down the performance of our processor by giving more burdens in it so the other process will not run well. In this state, freezing often happens and in the tips for repairing computer, you can do it by getting the right antivirus. You can install new antivirus which may erase the virus. You can diagnose the type of virus in the internet by mentioning the symptoms of reducing performance in the internet and getting the best antivirus for it.

Those are all the steps which are great for tips for repairing computer. With those tips, you will be able to handle any problems in your computer which may happen related to the computer freezing. Freezing should be handled quickly when you do not want your work to be disturbed badly.When freezing happen, it sometimes can cancel your last project which has not been saved and it surely gives you a handful when you have to start over your work. Now, it is time for you to perform those steps when you think that your computer finds some trouble with this computer freezing.