Computer is important in today’s life. It eases many works and it provides faster means for any activity which relates to virtual works. For that reason, computer error may be something which is crucial and should be treated soon today because our work will not be done soon without computer. Most of the time, people will find that their computer will not be able to boot properly till the window operation comes in the screen. This is surely annoying thing but actually, there are some tips for repairing computer with booting problem which can be done by yourself.

repairing computer
In repairing the computer which have booting problem, we have to know that there are many causes which can make you face such problem. For that reason, it is important for you to know the cause and how to deal with it. Booting is initial thing in the computer as it is the stage where it will load many data which you have stored from the operating system to small data. These data will later be represented in the windows operation which you will have. Now, here are some causes and how to deal with it in tips for fixing computer.

Total Death to Computer
The worst case of booting problem is that computer is not able to be turned on even you have push the button. This condition comes when there are two reasons too. First, when the power supply is dead, the computer will totally not be operated even any single sound in the computer. When the problems come in the motherboard, you will see that there will be a sound of computer working but the screen will not come out with picture. It will stay turned off. When you face such problem, the best tips for repairing computer are finding a new motherboard or a new power supply to get the computer work again.

BIOS Booting Problem
When the computer does not want to turn on or is not able to boot, here, the problem can come from the BIOS which is installed in the hardware. Here, some BIOS which encounter errors may affect the performance of the computer because BIOS will control many things such as the voltage intake, energy consumed and many things. When the BIOS encounter some errors which happen because of sudden electricity cut, this will lead to booting problem. The solution for this problem is resetting the BIOS to its default setting so any uncontrolled change will be overcome.

Undetected Hard Drive
The other case of problem which relates to booting problem is the hard drive which is undetected by the computer. Here, the problem which comes from the message which often shows like Disk Boot Failure. To deal with this problem, first, you need to check out the condition of the IDE and SATA wires. You have to make sure that both cables are attached well. When there is more than one hard drive, make sure that there is no overlapping attachment in the cables. After that, in tips for repairing computer, you can check the BIOS condition. You have to make sure that the BIOS detect the hard drive because when BIOS can detect it, it means that the hard drive connected.

RAM and VGA Problem
The other most common causes of booting failure come from the RAM and VGA cards. Here, when you deal with RAM, firstly, you just need to clean the RAM itself for solving the problem. Here, you just need to clean the pin which is used for attaching the RAM to the motherboard. You can also clean the RAM attachment in the motherboard. The booting problem may due to the connection between RAM and motherboard which is disturbed because of some dust.

The most common cases of booting failure because of VGA also come from the dirty condition where the VGA is attached. Here, you need to clean both in the VGA attachment part and in the motherboard. You have to clean it with brush and do not use any water to clean it. Water may trigger some electricity error which may damage the RAM or motherboard itself. Here, in tips for repairing computer, you need to clean it properly.

When you have cleaned the RAM or VGA but there is still problem in the booting, you have to find out whether the wrong one is the RAM or VGA or the motherboard. First, in the repairing computer tips, you better try the VGA to another computer. Then, you can continue by checking the RAM too to find out whether both of RAM and VGA are actually still usable or not. Then, you can continue by changing the hardware which is damaged or is not usable anymore. This is really important as it will make your computer work again.

Overheating Processor
The next causes which are commonly found are processor which comes with overheating. Overheating actually happens because there is some trouble in the cooling system or other part which control the heat in the processor. Here, for example, when you think that you get this problem, you can go to the heatsink and check for the fan processor. When one of them is dirty, you have to clean it and when the fan is died, you have to change it too. Here, controlling over the heat in the processor is important because your computer will work well when the processor is in cool condition.

Corrupted System Operation
The software sometimes is also responsible in creating booting failure. Here, when you deal with the corrupted operating system, here, for the tips for repairing computer, what you can do is repairing the windows; you can do it by getting the CD to fix some problems in the operating system itself. When it is unable to repair, you need to reinstall the operating system again so you will get the best result in the process again. Reinstalling the operating system will surely bring your computer to its best state again when the problem relates to the corrupted operating system.

Now, as you can see, there are some great tips for repairing computer which you can do by yourself. You do not have to think more about it because you can do it by yourself easily. When those steps do not work anymore, the last advice for tips in repairing computer is that you better bring the computer to the expert who can fix the computer. Now, it is time for you to try the steps and hopefully, those steps will help you much in fixing your computer so you do not have to spend more money on hiring service for the computer.