Modern mobile technology serves various development of new technology stuff every time and every moment. We can see how rapidly the growing of the technology is. As the example we have cell phone that growing rapidly from time to time with no limits elaboration. The facts of the information will be delivered orderly from the earlier period time of the rising new technology. Not only about it, we will also know about other stuff that has been developed with many new features that makes it looks so new and moved.

Modern Mobile Technology

Cell Phone, Humans’ Main Stuff
Who does not need cell phone? If this question is thrown, many people will say they definitely need this thing. Who cannot live with it? Most of people will say the cell phone is the most important technology that we should have this day, especially for this era where everything is connecting with internet. This era is the virtual era some people say that. We know that the first cell phone that has been made by the genius person really has huge weight with big size as well. The first cell phone has around two pounds weight in total. It is really huge like your hands off a big rock on your hand. After time to time the size of the cell phone becomes gradually different. It slightly becomes thinner and thinner. On the technology, it is gradually developed from time to time.

At the back time we know that phone only have an instant message as its main order and the calling access to other while now days we have more than hundred application that entertain us. This is the power of modern mobile technology that will adore you. We know have cell phone that has huge screen glass. We also have new phone with new technology that can run faster. The fact the phone now days has been developed with internet connection makes us feel better and excited. Almost every year there new type of cell phone that is developed with other new features, it is fascinated thing. Other thing that we should not forget is the fact that most of cell phone is distributed with camera technology. The camera technology is really awesome. The resolution of the phone camera is almost close to DSLR camera that can show clearer view and image.

Cell Phone Features
Now we also have new glasses for our phone. This feature is appeared as the combination or the addition feature for our main stuff. It is the smart watch that becomes popular time by time. There many types of smart watch that has various design with different ability. Having smart watch is really a good thing especially if we are a moving person that always have busy schedule. Having this watch will help us to catch the time without losing the grip of our schedule. Some of the smart watch that is suggested for you is described here.

Apple Watch
Apple has been released a new fashionable smart watch that is really eligible with our I–phone. This apple watch is built with a real luxurious design that looks superb and cool. The size of this watch is 38 mm and 42 mm, making it as the cute and tiny watch with light weight that is really cozy to hand. It becomes a wearable feature that you should have to accompany our I-phone. The complete specification of this watch is it is built with 1.65 inches screen with clear screen pixels. The storage is 8GB without card slot.

This modern mobile technologyis built with powerful battery that is up to 250 mAh Li-Ion. Because of its light and thins body, this watch gets many favorites by people. The only lack of this watch is it has no video recorder as long as it is not completed with GPS. But despite of those lacks, we can still cheer up since it is built really well. It has rear screen glass that is protected with Sapphire crystal glass with really clear screen pixels density that reaches up to 303 ppi. The OS uses the new version of OS 10 that can be upgraded up to v2.2 version while the chipset uses Apple S1 chipset, makes it looks extraordinary powerful.

Samsung Gear S2
The best one of the smart watch technology that really can gather all people’s heart is the Samsung Gear S2. With sporty design look, it has been built with truly eligible machine system that matches with our phone. Moreover, it has been completed with GPS. The GPS is really a great feature that all smart watch should have. It can help us to find places or thing that we are supposed to find. The battery is also long lasting, makes it looks so dependable. The specification of this smart watch shows that this watch is really the lead of other watch.

This modern mobile technology has light design with 51 g weight and 13.4 thickness size. It is completed with Tizen-based OS wearable platform with Qualcomm MSM 8×26 chipset that makes it look so perfect. The storage is less than the Apple watch which is 4GB with no slot card as well. The size screen is 1.2 inches. The RAM is 512 MB which is wide enough to contain many things inside the watch. The battery is truly long lasting with its 300 mAh. Built with stainless steel this watch has been design with electronic SIM card availability. If we are looking for great and dependable smart watch then the answer is this.

Casio Smart Outdoor WSD –F10
Other best smart watch that we can buy is the Casio smart watch. We should not forget the best factory that has been known for its great building watch ever. It is Casio that can hold up our interest. It is absolutely the watch that looks so stand out with its name only. We should check the specification as well so we can find which the best part of it is and which is not. The display of this watch has been designed with 1.32 inches with dual layer display that has clear screen. It is completed with TFT LCD and monochrome LCD. The weight of this watch is only 93 gram which has been included with the watchband.

The operating system of this modern mobile technology is the Google Android Wear. The battery uses lithium-ion battery. In a normal mode it can be turn on almost more than 1 day and in timepiece mode it can survive more than 1 month. It is really great building watch. Some people may curious about how we can recharge the smart watch since it is different with normal charging of cell phone. The charging method that we use when we want to recharge the watch’s battery is by using magnetic charging terminal. The recharging time is about 2 hours. Besides, those specifications we still have other good side of this watch. This smart watch has been developed with internet availability connection that goes through Wi-Fi. It also has Bluetooth v4.1 latest version.

As an addition, it is completed with perfect sensors that are pressure sensor accelerometer, gyrometer, and compass sensor. The best thing is it is built with great form. It has water resistance availability that can dive down up to 50 meters. This one is the best one that we should have. These several modern mobile technology shows that there are many new stuff that has been developed with new technology system that always comes with perfect and smart plan. Having great and valuable cell phone should be done with collecting the smart watch as well. Find the best smart watch that is suitable for our cell phone.