Have you ever experience any blue screen in your laptop or computer? Actually, blue screen may happen to be accidental in your guess but actually, blue screen is an error which will lead to worse condition when you do not deal with it quickly. Blue screen is a sign that some of your hardware has worn out and you surely need more care in using your computer when such thing happens. Now, I will tell you about how to repair computers from blue screen so you can overcome further development of risk which may happen in your computer.

blue screen

Blue screen can happen because of many things. Sometimes, you will experience blue screen when you have used your computer for a long time and suddenly, the computer will show a blue screen and your computer will suddenly die. Then, it sometimes can happen when your computer is in the heated state and just like the previous case, it will show a blue screen and then, the computer will die. Most of the time, the computer will not be able to boot properly because there has been some damages which are received in the computer itself. Now, here are the ways for solving that problem.

Death Computer
When you have faced the blue screen, it is possible that your computer will come to the state where it can be turned on again directly. In some occasion, the computer may function again after some time of resting. This can due to the heat which makes the processor does not work. In this case, you just need to wait till the computer cooled and then you can use it again. In the worst case, you will have the computer death for a long time and you will not be able to turn it on. In that case, how to repair computers can be done with the following steps.

First, you need to analyze the source of problem. The most common parts which are damaged after blue screen happen are the motherboard or power supply. Both of error can be detected easily by certain actions. First, you can see when the computer is not able to turn on completely; the major cause of the blue screen is the damage which happens in the power supply. In this case, power supply is the one which should be handled. You can change the power supply directly with the new one for the way to repair computers because power supply is hard to be repaired from damage.
In the second way, when your computer does not function and it remains dead after you reboot it but, the engine of the computer running, the problem may come from the motherboard. Fixing motherboard is a really hard thing to be done and for solving it, changing the motherboard is the only best choice. You need to get the new one which is compatible with the other hardware which you get. The problem which you may face is the motherboard series which may not be produced again because old motherboard is often stopped in production. That is how to repair computers when the computer is totally dead.

No Boot Problem
The other case which you will find in blue screen error is that your windows do not want to boot, here, you need to perform certain methods to repair computer here. When it does not want to boot, you need to restart the computer and then try to boot through safe mode. When you can boot through the safe mode, the problem may come from the software which you have like software which you just install or driver which comes in crash because of some updates which come in error.

In the second part, you will need to find out whether the problems may come from your CPU or monitor. In this occasion, you need to change the monitor with other monitor. You need to find out whether the CPU will work well or not with the monitor. When you change monitor and it works, the monitor may be the source of the blue screen. When you have changed the monitor but nothing has changed, it means that the CPU is the one which comes in problem.

Testing CPU Hardwares
After you get to test the computer in overall use, you need also need to do some thorough searching in how to repair computers. First, you can start by finding the right spot of the problem. Here, RAM may become the most causes of blue screen when it comes to CPU hardware. You can do it by unplug the ram from the CPU and then clean it. After you have clean it, you can start to put it again plug it just in the same way as before. When it works, it means that the RAM is only dirty and need to be cleaned.

After testing the RAM, you can go checking the Video Card for the laptop. Here, when it seems that the video card that matter, you can unplug the detachable video card and run the computer with built-in video card, when the built-in video card works; it means that the additional video card is the problem. In solving this problem, how to fix computers can be done by cleaning the video cards or buying new video cards for changing it. That is the way for dealing with video card as video card is important part in the computer.

In the last parts, when nothing on those works are working, you surely get a deep error which should be consulted with the expert. Some of the problems in how to repair computers can only be done by experts who have known how to deal with many problems. Corrupted motherboard and operating system can only be faced by those who have already been working in the service for computer in a long time. You will be wise when you know when to give the work to those who are more experienced than you.

Among all of the steps in how to repair computers, most of them are pretty easy to be done. You do not have to perform hard effort which may need you to do complicated thing. You just need to clean the hardware or the computer when it comes to blue screen problem. Overheating and other kinds of slight error can also cause this problem so we need to find out more in the process of fixing it. You also need to find a better way to deal with it and learn more comprehensive methods for solving the problem with your computers.