Mobile technology facts show several things that we will never think before. These facts will amaze us and at the same time will gain our knowledge about several information. The facts are gathered from the simple thing that we may not know before, even we may not think about it before. In everyday life, we may only think that cell phone as the simple example is only a human’s communication stuff but actually from this things there are hundred secret that we may not know before. Thus by knowing this things, it will make us feel aware and on the other side, it entertain us at the same time

Mobile Technology Facts

What we know about email?
When talking about cell phone technology, we may sure know about this application. It is the e-mail application that always exists in the cell phone. Having an e-mail is important since it connects us to other people and worlds. We may only know that e-mail is just an application that we have to use when we have a cell phone. We cannot set up our phone if we do not have an e-mail. A registered e-mail is what we need when we want to connect to any stuff in the internet.

We know how important e-mail is but we may not know what exactly e-mail’s secret is. Thus, mobile technology facts will reveal it. In e-mail, we usually get several messages that we actually do not want it but it is like automatically sent to our e-mail. This kind of message that we actually do not want is called as spam. Spam sometimes comes into our e-mail box without we even notice it. The fact is do we know that most of e-mail that is registered, among 160 billion emails owner gets more spam then original messages. The percentage almost reaches 100%! The value is 97% of the whole emails we have, all comes from spam!

About Social Media
Having cell phone that connects to internet all time pushes as to have all type of social media technology. Just counting twitter to Facebook, we surely know all these social media and as predicted we have an account for each of them. With this account we can communicate with our friends that come from other side world. Having personal account gives us an access to connect our relationship with others in more effective ways. But do we know the fact about it? Most of the social media that exist in the cyber world are fake account.

This is the fact of facing the real reality that we face with many fake accounts. Just like in the real life we may find people with fake personality, in internet we may also find this thing. Many people love to make fake account. The reason behind it is different from one person to others. But the information of mobile technology facts, here is Facebook and twitter shows that most of the registered accounts come from fake account. In Facebook, among 1.3 billion registered accounts, there are 100 million accounts that is fake account.

That is why, we should not be shock or wander why many people aren’t show off their real name or real life picture. It is because the account is the fake account. In twitter, the percentage is higher than Facebook. Not many new registered emails come into twitter, in the other side the remaining registered account comes from fake account as well. We know that many people are falling in love with the developing of the technology that always growing fast and fast. It makes us should be ready for the coming of the new culture that we should have expect it.

People now days
As the technology user is increasing, the growing of the technology is up too. We can see many that many people always hand cell phone or any mobile electronic technology. It shows how important the technology has become. We can see that almost all people that we meet on the street or in any other occasions they always have cell phone on their hand. It can be said that cell phone has become the most important thing where people should have. It is like all people should have phone. As the impact, it makes people become addicted to this stuff.

Mobile technology facts reveal that around 4 billion cell phone are used every day! As addition almost 3 million new cell phones are bought by people. It shows how amazing and strong the technology is, especially the communicating technology. Other fact that will amaze us is that most of teenagers or those who are 21st years old spend their whole time to communicate with virtual world. Most of people who are still 21st years old have spent their time which is around 5000 hours for virtual communication.

The explanation of this huge number is that their time is used for playing video games or watching videos on the YouTube. More than 250.000 emails are sent to other people through virtual machine. We sent many thousand message everyday to people whom we are not face directly. In total, humans spent their 10.000 hours for mobile phone activity. We can see that many people greet each other through email, Facebook, twitter, Line, Blackberry, or other media social. They post their activity into their Instagram as well.

This shows that virtual media has become something which is really crucial. Humans’ culture now days has been away different from several decades before. We have to be ready about this kind of thing. We have to be considered of ourselves. As well as we have to be wise with ourselves. We should not be a slave of technology and becomes the holder fate of the technology instead. These mobile technology facts help us to realize how complex the tiny is. We may not know about anything, any simple thing. We may only think that stuff is made without knowing how far the impact is.

This will help us to know well about ourselves. Becoming one with technology that growing so fast should be balanced with clear behavior. But above all, do not feel worry after knowing this things because it can help us on the other way. If we can act wisely and do not act exaggerate then we can survive without destroying ourselves. This is the mobile technology facts that are presented to wide people’s knowledge. We can take it as the new information for us that will give us benefits. Knowing something new is fun so do learning. By expanding our information, we can at least feel calm and safe. The impact of this is we can use the technology in a better way as well.