Phone has been used years ago and cellular phone technology used is also improved form year to year so that it becomes more and more sophisticated. Therefore, it is always interesting to discuss about the development of technology used on cellular phone. In the past, cellular phone can only be used for calling. Today, almost all activities relate to cellular phone. It shows that the technology used is much more advanced. If you are interested in the technology development, you need to pay attention to the discussion below.

1st Generation (1G) with Analog Basis
Firstly, cellular phone uses 1G that applies analog basis. This is the first generation of cellular phone tech. In this generation, cell phone has big sizes so that it is not portable enough. The function is also very limited. The main function is for calling other people. However, it is also still difficult because not all people have it at that time. Even though the technology is still not as sophisticated as today’s technology, it becomes the first time cell phone exists in the world.

Global System Mobile (GSM)
After the first generation, cellular phone technology is improved and there comes 2nd Generation (2G). In this generation, cellular mobile phone applies Global System Mobile technology that is better known as GSM. In this generation, you can send Short Message Service (SMS) from your cell phone to others’. GSM is supported by many operators today. Now, this technology is more and more popular with the better and more sophisticated technology. You can enjoy using this technology and have many options to choose the operator you want.

Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)
The competitor of GSM is CDMA. This technology requires you to use the operator card that is paired with the mobile phone from the manufacturer. So, you are not allowed to change the operator card into other operators. This limitation makes this technology cannot develop fast in the world. However, this mobile phone technology belongs to one of the histories of technology applied on cell phone. Now, this tech may not be popular anymore because there are many new technologies that are much more sophisticated and offer freedom.

Wireless Technology
Then, wireless technology becomes one of the techs still popular today. Wireless technology is still improved from year to year until now. Wireless technology offers you the easiness in using mobile phone. It does not require you using wire to connect your cell phone to other devices. This cellular phone technology comes in many features. One of the earliest wireless techs is infrared. Besides that, there is also Bluetooth that also belongs to wireless tech. Then, you can also enjoy Wi-Fi that increasingly more popular today. In addition, wireless charger also belongs to the latest wireless techs. There are still some other wireless techs that you can enjoy today such as Radio Frequency, WLAN, WLAN (802.11), etc. Anyway, this cellular phone technology will always be more popular.

3rd Generation (3G) Technology
When the 3rd generation of cellular phone comes, you can use mobile phone for more various functions. In this generation, you can use internet to access many sites from your cell phone. The network offered is higher than Enhance Data-rates for GSM evolution (EDGE). So, the network speed is certainly much faster. With this technology, you can also use your mobile phone for video call. It allows you to communicate to other people from mobile phone with live video. Of course, your communication becomes more fun and enjoyable. Anyway, this modern cell phone tech is still popular today.

4th Generation (4G) Technology
The next cellular phone technology is 4th generation or 4G. It is the development of technology from 3G. Of course, this is much more sophisticated. This technology has been released a few years ago so that it is still booming now. This tech integrates wireless techs that have been existed such as Wireless Broadband, 802.16e, wireless LAN, CDMA, Bluetooth, etc. This technology allows the users to use various systems anytime and anywhere. It also offers high speed, wide network, and flexibility that can accommodate various multimedia apps including online game, video conferencing, etc.

5th Generation (5G) Technology
Today is 4G technology. In the future, you will be offered with the 5th generation technology for mobile phone. However, it is still just a plan. There is no image yet for how it will work. There are many sources say that 5G will be released in 2020. Even though it is still just a plan, there are many benefits that you will get in the future. 5G will come with much faster, smarter, and even need the lower battery compared to 4G. The battery will also be longer life. However, this tech requires smarter mobile phone.

Air Charging Technology
This is also the future technology that will be offered to mobile phone users. This tech is offered by Nokia, one of the biggest communication companies in the world. This sophisticated future technology will use radio waves around us to charge mobile phone. So, it does not need electricity and wire to make mobile phone battery fulfilled fully. So, it will be very interesting if everyone can recharge their mobiles from the air. Anyway, this cellular phone technology will be very useful.

Kinetic Charging Technology
Still related to charging technology, in the future you can also charge your mobile phone using kinetic energy. This tech uses commercial applications for revolutionary mobile battery. It is claimed to be able to provide 300 up to 700 percent higher horsepower than the conventional mobile batteries available today. So, charging mobile phone battery using this technology will be faster and the power will be longer life.

Insane Cell Phone Designs
As the time goes, mobile phone companies will produce cellular phones with insane designs. For example, you will be able to enjoy Motorola Origami where the mobile phone can be folded like origami arts. Besides that, there will also be Softphone where it is made from soft material that is cotton with electronic cellulose. It will also be featured with a small clip that functions to put all the electronic components. One of the benefits of this cellular phone technology is that it has very durable battery.