When you are willing to establish a server, you will surely need a great facility for doing it. Among all of the facilities for making a server, your main interest should be set at finding the best processor for server because the reliability of server will depend on those circumstances. Here, to find the best server, the greatest processor which you can find is the AMD Opteron 6300 Series Processors. This is a processor from AMD which is quite reliable. Its performance is super-fast with nice regulation in its activity. Now, there are a lot of good thing which you will see in its specs and here are the explanation.

amd opteron 6000

Performance of AMD Opteron 6300 Series
For the best server processor, the performance should be wonderful and fast as data which should be processed will be abundant. Here, to make the wonderful feature get more wonderful, you get the processor which comes with 16 cores at once. You can see how does 4 core or 8 cores work and this processor is built with 16 cores. The efficiency of work gets really maximum with the power of the processor itself. Here, the processor will surely be able to handle many abundant data which will flood the server. This is really reliable in the performance for sure.

In those 16 Cores, there is 1 MB of L2 Cache per core. That L2 cache comes up with 16 MB for each socket in the cache and there are also a shared 16 MB for the L3 Cache per socket which exists in this processor. This kind of advantage brings a powerful performance in the processing itself. That cache number also shows the multi-threaded environment which is built is really compatible for performing many kinds of heavy processing such as database management, web serving for many customers, and virtualization in computer. Those hard works are done at ease with this best processor for server.

The processing performance is increased highly from the previous generation. Here, there will be a socket compatible which is quite wonderful. The speed for running any application with a big scale can be handled at ease here. You should not think that it is only one application because it actually can handle more than three applications at once. For a server processor, such work will not be a trouble to be done. This is a qualified processor which will surely make you feel satisfied.

Economical Design
When most of the processor which comes with high performance will also need a high demand of energy, this processor is far different than such condition. This best processor for server comes with a really good craftsmanship which suppresses the consumption of energy for the processing. This makes this processor more efficient in electricity so you will not get a lot of payment for your electricity. This feature is blessed by the power bands and power saving features in this processor. This processor is able to be set at maximum force with minimum requirement of energy so that the work of the processor get more wonderful.

AMD Turbo Core Technology
A great processor will always have something in their sleeves and AMD will surely not forget about putting some surprise. Here, this server best processor comes with the great result in the AMD Turbo Core Technology where it is a technology for overclocking the processor. This technology will provide a power increasing performance which is up to 300 MHz when the headroom is available for that thing. You surely need to make it more wonderful by getting the right cooling system because when you overclock your processor, you will increase its effort and results in heating processor.

High DDR3 Frequencies
System performance will not only rely on its cores, there are also other matter which will significantly help the processor to acquire better performance and that is done with the Channel Memory. Here, the best processor for server is equipped with DDR3 in high frequency. This can handle the DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1866 for the typical and loaded memory configurations. Then, there are also four memory channel DDR3 too here with a bandwitch of 51.2 GB. This will increase performance of the processor by getting better memory intensive workloads.

Faster Application Usage
This best processor in server is also made with fast respond for application surely. This speed for accessing is supported by the AES instructions. This AES instruction is the function which will provide acceleration for the hardware. This makes the data management and reading get faster and it also makes the performance of application get faster. Application sometimes experiences jamming or lag when it does not meet its best environment to run but the hardware acceleration which is done by this processor will surely make the environment which will suit the application best.

Thermal Design Power Cap
The most problem which is faced by this best processor for server is the heating experience which will make the performance of the processor decrease. For that reason, the AMD corporation also invents the Thermal Design Power Cap for getting the condition of the processor in its best performance. Here, you can set your own power control to get the best control over the heating which may happen in the processor. The environment where you work will surely affect such thing for example when winter comes or summer comes, you can set different settings to ensure maximum performance through the BIOS system or APML.

Beside the Thermal Design Power Cap, the temperature control here is also helped by the AMD CoolSpeed Technology. This is a technology for saving the processor from an overheating risk which can damage your processor. Here, the system provides an act where the processor will drops its power mode into lower state when the overheating condition is about to happen in the processor. This will save the overheating and protect the processor really well. Damage from heating is something which we will not be able to handle but with the automatic system like this, we will have no worry anymore about damage from overheating.

Those are the excellent part which you get from best processor for server. The AMD Opteron 6300 Series Processors is really reliable for getting a great experience for using server processor. Server will run smoothly and you will also feel really glad with many additional advantages which are installed in the processor. The features will make you have the best experience of developing server and I believe that this processor will last for a really long time. You just need to get this processor for your server and let it work in its best state for sure.